How to Use Pay Per Click Marketing In Our Online Business

Monday, March 19, 2012

The concept of Pay Per Click revolutionized the way marketing and promotional drives were perceived on the internet. In other words, PPC has pushed the limits of online marketing further and made advertising accessible at base level as well. This form of marketing is highly productive and very cost effective. So, how do you use Pay Per Click in your online business?
When used in combination with each other, SEO and PPC can be the magic mantra for successful internet marketing. Essentially, PPC gets you two major benefits. Firstly, it gets you traffic. Secondly and more importantly, it gets you target traffic. This is in stark contrast to its counterpart, Paid To Click or PTC. The difference between the two is vast. In PPC, advertisers pay a website which gives them clicks when visitors to that site see the ad and click on it. So, the process is beneficial for the advertiser and the host website. PTC is completely different. In this method, it is not the website that gets paid for the clicks but the person who actually clicks on the link. This does not get you target traffic and does not help in the long term since you cannot build a patronage through it. PPC, on the other hand, accomplishes this beautifully.
Lets say you have a website and post ads on it provided by various advertisers. Every time a visitor to your site clicks on the ad, you get paid by the advertiser. This is a huge profit for you because basic PPC does not require visitors to actually buy a product from the advertiser for you to get your money. Just give them traffic and they pay you. So, if you have web space and can bring traffic to it, you can mint money through PPC. It is in fact a great online business idea.

Looking at it from the advertiser’s point of view, the scenario seems as rosy.  If you have just launched a website or a product and want interested people to visit you, PPC is a great tool. You do not have to be worried about spamming when you use PPC because usually, it is only the interested people who will want to visit your site since they are not getting paid for clicking on the ad like PTC. So, you can zero in certain sites that receive large amounts of traffic and put your ads on them. Choosing relevant and related sites can get you more results. You can have a steady flow of target traffic. Many people visiting your website can be successfully converted into customers if your website is efficient and interesting.
However, PPC is not just about posting ads. Remember, you are not the only one involved in PPC campaigns. There are millions others like you who wish to post their ads on the best sites. So, how do you ensure that your ads are seen? There are many things that you need to take care of beginning from using the right keywords and attractive ad formulation to other SEO and SEM techniques. Through PPC, you get more traffic, your visibility increases, your clientele increases and subsequently, your online business succeeds.
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