The Number One Rule of SEO

Monday, December 14, 2009

That might sound like a silly question – what should be the number one rule when it comes to search engine optimization? However, everyone has their own ideas. For some it relates to keywords, for others, on-site optimization or off-site optimization (or link building). It may sound like I am repeating the same philosophy all the time – here is a different twist.

When it comes to SEO, every site, every business is unique in every respect. They are have their own set of unique requirements and their own unique blend of options that can help lift them to the front page of the search results. While there may be a range of basic white hat optimization strategies that every site can implement, once you get past the basics it is a different story.

Some businesses can succeed with pure organic search results others may need the help of pay per click advertising. Another business may find that social media marketing through the use of videos delivers more and better targeted visitors than organic search on its own.

To be successful online now you need a blended strategy that uses every available channel promote your business. You also need a website that fulfills all the requirements needed to be successful – that includes design, content and usability. A mistake can be to try and copy what another business has done – it often doesn’t migrate to your business because you haven’t taken the same direction with other strategies.

So the number one rule (for lack of a better phrase) is that each business is different and each business requires a different set of strategies to succeed online.