New Google search features important for SEO and online marketing

Friday, May 15, 2009

New search features being unveiled by Google could have an impact on search engine optimisation (SEO) and internet marketing strategies.

In an official blog post, the search engine said it was launching a new package called Search Options, which lets users refine their results.

They can choose to filter out results according to time, or run a search for forums, videos or reviews only, for example.

Users can also see various views of their results, with some showing more information about each entry and others including more images.

"We think of the Search Options panel as a tool belt that gives you new ways to interact with Google Search and we plan to fill it with more innovative and useful features in the future," the post read.

Research carried out recently by Guava and Econsultancy revealed that 55 per cent of companies intend to spend more on SEO this year, while 45 per cent plan to increase their pay per click marketing budgets.

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